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The mission of Kuumba Village Homeschool is to provide a vibrant innovative learning experience for homeschool students and families seeking to come together in likeness and agreement with the sole purpose of allowing students to apply their innate talents and skills to self-directed studies and internships. Kuumba Village specialty is to consult in ways to bring out the genius in each of our students. Learning avenues will also include worldschooling (abroad) and national travel adventures to enhance the learning experience.

Kuumba Village Homeschool’s vision is to bring unity, community, and harmony among the homeschool experience to reach students full potential.


Your financial contribution and membership will aid in expanding our educational resource base to provide for more families who have expressed interest but needed funding to join as well as expand our administration team as we grow. The funding will also greatly enhance our 10+ learners' experience in providing supplies & kits, hands on learning field-trips, travel, self-directed learning, nature and meditative outings, and fitness support for health and wellness ("ie" , yoga, swim, etc.)

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