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My name is Morgan Hankston

As a homeschool mother of three with eleven years of homeschooling experience, my initial stages wasn’t an easy one. Over the years, I’ve made it a point to be open to new adventures and philosophies which led me to where I am now. Homeschooling is a journey that is personalized and that takes some time to evolve into your ideal learning path. There was never a wrong path, only learning curves, that has shaped me and my family into life-long learners. Therefore, embrace the ups and downs and venture onto the road less traveled, because there is where true discovery lies (of self and of others).


“Create an opportunity where there is none.”


A homeschool consultation is much like a life coach or a personal guide. They walk alongside you to help you enhance your homeschool and the learning experience of your learners. Here are just a few things your consultation can provide:

  • Help selecting a curriculum that meets your child's learning style and interests

  • Guidance in setting up your homeschool or in refocusing for a new school year or new semester

  • Provide accountability and direction for your homeschool routines

  • Encourage you in the day-to-day struggles of homeschooling

  • Provide a sympathetic ear and a voice of experience

  • Evaluate your child for educational progress and learning styles

  • Troubleshoot when you'd like to improve a skill or subject area

  • Connect you to resources and events in your area

Our  Packages

Create an opportunity where there is none.

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