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KVH is a close-nit network with a purpose to provide culturally relative resources, funding and fields-trips to enhance the homeschool experience for Afrikan decedents of the diaspora. To promote self-awareness and dignity to our students through the teachings of our ancestral voices in which we are a direct reflection.


Our story began when in our local community there lies a lack of representation and academic support for children of Afrikan decent. Learning materials and accurate foundational learning was non-existent. As a parent and educator, I then began to search of a dynamic learning path for my children. That then led to the Universe bringing other families with same concerns into our initial family sphere. Over the course of two years, our community have grown from three families to over twenty families and looking to expand to more families to join our village.

Our intimate homeschool community was designed and born based on the dedication of like-minded parents preserving the heritage of our Afrikan Ourstory, passing on true legacy that comes through ancestry to uplift and equip our future generations of their past (Sankofa) with the goal of every learner acknowledging the power and creativity within.

Behind the name "Kuumba" is the Swahili word, “Creativity.” It is also celebrated as the 6th principal of Kwanza (“first fruits”-celebration of Afrika and ancestral roots) with practical ways of uplifting the community. Creativity meaning to perform acts that leave the community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it." -Dr. Maulana Karanga.

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